Family of W.T. Frakes, Route 5, Lawton, Okla.

Family of W.T. Frakes, Route 5, Lawton, Okla. Mother said 6-year old Warren picked 41 pounds of cotton yesterday "An I don't make him pick; he picked last year." Had about 20 pounds in his bag. She said Clara, 11 years old, averages 75 pounds a day. Picked 101 pounds yesterday, earning $1.25 (they are picking now for another farmer). She carries 40 pounds in the bag. Velma, 14 years, picks 125 pounds. Has picked over 200 pounds in a day. Children go to Flower Mound School, District 48 while living here, but they are itinerant, renting a small farm of 10 acres now. "We move about a good deal" mother said. Location: Comanche County, Oklahoma. Date Created/Published: 1916 October 11. LOC original medium: 1 photographic print. Picture of child labor by Lewis Hine.


I cant beleive how these people work so hard to get so little money